Thursday, February 24, 2011

Looking in all the Right Places

People spend a lot of time looking. We spend a lot of time looking for the right school for our kid, the best heater for our house, the right medicine for our cold. All day long, we’re looking hard and making decisions that impact us. But I sometimes wonder if our heads are spent looking down too much, intent on getting where we’re going. What might we see if we stopped and looked up, opened up to the world and what it might bring? I have a friend who is an inspiration to me in this regard. She is open. You can see it on her face and in her relaxed manner. When you talk to her, she really listens. She has time to relax with you without looking at her watch. And because she is so open to the world, the world opens up to her. She is always meeting the most interesting people and having these incredible experiences through the people and experiences she creates. They seemingly fall into her lap but I know that it’s due to her way of taking time looking in all the right places.

This original oil painting is titled “Cannon Beach Beachcombers”, 11 ½ x 16”

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