Thursday, November 26, 2009

Girl Talk

Objects we see around us every day become part of the wall paper of our life. We don't really see them anymore. Still life paintings take those common things and present them so we look at them again. See those lovely girl-pinks! Look at the wonderful highlights on those cool shaped containers! I believe that an artist should be able to paint just about anything and make a beautiful or interesting painting.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Red Boots and Umbrella

There have been days when I've poured myself into my family's needs; cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, listening, scheduling, etc. And there have been days when at then end of it, I feel invisible. No one has noticed, acknowledged, or really seen me. The author Barbara Pym has written about such excellent women who are taken for granted by the men around them though she does it with much more wit than I'll ever manage. That is the feeling that these red boots are conveying here. This oil painting is on a 24x36" board and is yet unnamed and unpriced.--note; since this blog was posted, this painting has since been painted over. The new Red Boots and Umbrella painting was also posted. You'll notice I defined the figure more in the new piece.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Red Boots and Shoes

Here is Red Boots number three in the series. You might be surprised at how fun it is to draw and paint shoes. It's practially a staple in every art 101 class; draw a shoe. It's got volume, an interesting shape and ins and outs you don't really notice till you get in there and sculpt it out of paint. This scene is one I see daily in our mudroom. I'm still painting my red boot series and hope to have show of all the works in the next year or so.