Friday, August 19, 2011

Three Reasons Why You Should Pay $4 on a Cup of Joe

Three Reasons Why You Should Pay $4 for a Cup of Joe
              I know several people who can talk loudly for hours about how stupid it is to pay $4 for a cup of coffee. I listen. I mean, hey, people like to talk and they need an audience. But I also disagree with them and here are my reasons why.
1.       Connection- people are social beings. The more connections they make in a day, the better the day is. Meeting a friend for coffee where you get to sit outside over a cup of hot, lovely aroma filled drink with the luxury of face to face interaction with a friend is about as good as gets. Add some sun at a sidewalk cafĂ© and you are sitting on a gold mine!
2.       Caffeine- I think I read once that the industrial age began when people stopped drinking beer & grog all day and started drinking coffee. There is proof of health benefits and problems with caffeine depending on what you read and which way the wind is blowing that particular day.  Personally, I love caffeine and use it regularly to clear the dense fog from my brain and jump start new ideas.
3.       Continuity- People need structure in their days- some more, some less. Each of us takes on certain tasks or habits that we enjoy doing on a regular basis. Collectors have a purpose when meandering through second hand shops. Their search offers them some reason to be out and looking.  We coffee drinkers have a reason to go into town. We’re looking for a coffee shop with the right ambience and a friend.
If you're unswayed, no problem. I'm no debate club leader. Just a painter who dearly loves having coffee with her friends. Join me!
18 24" oil on board by Joanne Shellan, "Cafe Au Lait"
Save the Date! October 14, 2022- opening for Joanne Shellan at Kaewyn Gallery, Bothell, WA