Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good Cherry Pie

Joanne's Website   Be dogged. Be persistent. Stick with it and you might yet get it~! That's the carrot that always keeps me going. I went back into this painting a third time and finally I'm satisfied. What do you think? Isn't it better than the last post? Let me tell you a little painter's secret; the absolute best part of a painting is at the very, very end when you get to put in your lightest lights and highlights! Oh joy! The painting comes to life under these final but important strokes. The difference between last week's cherry pie and this re-do is that this one has unified strong light and dark areas. The last version was muddled and less defined. Clearly defined and persistent are our words for today.

1 comment:

positiveenergy said...

You're right. It's better. Even though it's tricky to compare because the previous one is an entry in another month, I can spot the difference.
Your cherry pie looks so good. Did you make it? And you must have eaten some before you started painting. I wouldn't have been able to keep my hands off it.
The tablecloth you used looked so good in the photo but I'm glad you left it out of your work.