Friday, December 11, 2009

Party Time

Painting from real life is the best training for an artist. Your brain has to work twice as hard to do an irrational thing; translate a three dimensional scene into a two dimensional drawing and then paint it. So you're using your brain now, that's good. Part two is that you can see a thousand times better in real life than you can when looking at a photo or sketch. Artists work hard to pare down all that over load of information yet having the information also makes for a better painting. You can really see all the different values as light moves across each plane and you get to interpret that into a color and a value and put it down on the canvas. Eventually, after putting hundreds of these dots and dabs down, a three dimensional object begins to appear. It's like a miracle! wow! There's my shoe!

About the subject; these shoes of mine say party time. Add the martini glass and it now says that a good time will be had by all.This is part of a series of small 8x10 paintings I did in November 2009, most of which can be seen at Lakeshore Gallery in Kirkland, Washington.

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