Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple Valley Farm

The weather this summer has been the nicest I remember and it's been espeically wonderful for painting outside. There are so many new paintings I'm excited to share with you. But when my plein air paintings come back insde with me, they inevitably need more work. Many have to hang out with me for weeks before they tell me their shortcomings. I'm learning to wait a long time before applying that final coat of varnish. This was painted on a gray day at Apple Valley Farm near St. Michelle Winery and boy did it look gray and sad when I came home. It sat in the studio, colorless and unappealing, until it finally pronounced that it needed me to change it to sunny and exciting. My critique group helped me figure out the final touches to "Apple Valley Farm", oil on board, 11x14".

Final note; this painting has since been painted over. Sometimes a painting loses it's luster with the artist. You see it through new eyes and it's not as spectacular as you once thought. I only want my best work out in the world.

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